emanuelpc asked:
Hi Kirk Emanuel here from Sydney Australia, beautiful work by the way!, I've just watched your vimeo video on how to make your digital images look like film, I use a 5d mark3 and lightroom 5 and realised lightroom ignores my neutral picture I set in camera, even when I choose neutral profile in lightroom its not the same, What picture style and camera settings would you recommend for digital cameras? Thanks!

Picture style and camera settings do not matter when shooting RAW. Those things are adjusted by the presets regardless of how they were set in camera.

Go out and shoot and don’t worry about it. Let me take care of making it look like film later with these :)

jnor10 asked:
Hi Kirk, any plans to create a preset for a Leica M-9?

If you send me a Leica M-9 I will get right on it! I can’t promise to return it any time soon :)

But seriously. Yes. As soon as Leica decides on what the hell they are doing and stick with one kind of sensor. Then yes, I will make it a priority.

Anonymous asked:
how much do you charge people for film prints?


Just kidding. Go to mastinstudio.instaproofs.com and login to any wedding event. You can see all my print pricing there :)

Anonymous asked:
Hello Kirk, I love your work. I have been a digital shooter for a while and my fiance just brought me a Mamiya 645 to start. What are your tips for getting the best results out of this camera until I can afford a Contax 645?

Want the same look as the Contax 645 at half the price?

Just get the 80mm 1.9 lens and a Maxwell Screen to make exact focusing possible.

You may never switch to a Contax after that. Or maybe you will…out of curiosity, and then realize that they are nearly the same :)

Anonymous asked:
Pleaseeeeee release a Mastin for iPhone 5s! as well as the Ricoh GR and Sony A7:)

Will you work for me? 24hrs a day? Chained to an iMac? If so, then yes, maybe I can get your wish-list done quickly.

As it is, I am a one man show when it comes to actually making the presets, so it takes some time. Moving to a bigger office, hiring some new employees soon. So maybe all that can happen quicker. We will see.

Anonymous asked:
Hi Kirk! I love your Mastin Lab presets! Question- do you shoot in AWB when shooting digital?

Thank you!

I shoot in daylight WB for everything. In LR I adjust WB as necessary (since it is a RAW image I am working with, orginial WB does not matter.)

AWB is a nightmare because each photo will have a slightly different WB making batch edits waaaaay harder.

Anonymous asked:
Do you still own your Plaubel Makina 67? Is it worth buying? Why or why not?

Don’t own it anymore. Felt too delicate to me. And hard to focus with a dim rangefinder patch. I didn’t enjoy it so it had to go.

iamware asked:
Hi I love your work. I was wondering why did you choose the 6D over the 5D mk3?

Smaller, better center AF point in low light, cheaper :)

Anonymous asked:
What would be a good place to store film? Is it necessary to store in fridge?

Yes. Store it in a fridge. Film is a living thing and changes with time and temperature. A fridge is like putting the brakes on the natural change that film goes through.

Anonymous asked:
Of the blogs you've been featured on (Style Me Pretty, Green Weddings Shoes, OnceWed, etc.) which did you find you got the most traction from/which would you recommend the most? - Sean Cook

I have no idea :)

I think it really is about your work being seen in a few places over a period of time, and then your name sinks in to the viewer.

I think everything can be published if you find the right blog/magazine. Repetition is the key.

Anonymous asked:
Is there a Fujifilm version of the presets you've made coming sometime?

Yes. This Fall/Winter.

Unless I hire some employees. Then maybe sooner.

legittoaster asked:
Do you have any plans to make an app for smartphones that emulates film?

Working on it!

Anonymous asked:
What lab do you send your film to?

I get my film developed at Panda Lab in Seattle, and scan at home on my Fuji Frontier SP3000.

Anonymous asked:
Hi Kirk, I love you head shot portraits. What lens do you use for those? I appreciate your time man, Thanks

90% of my head shot portraits are with a Contax 645 and 80mm f2 lens at f2, at or near the minimum focusing distance.

I alternate between Portra 400, Portra 160 and Fuji 400H for film.

Anonymous asked:
i purchased your mastin labs presets, Love them by the way. just had a computer go out on me and i am wondering how i can get the presets onto my new computer ?

Thanks for your support!

I can manually send you a new zip file. Just send me the email address you used to purchase your presets and I will hook you up :)

Email me at contact@mastinlabs.com