Anonymous asked:
Do you still own your Plaubel Makina 67? Is it worth buying? Why or why not?

Don’t own it anymore. Felt too delicate to me. And hard to focus with a dim rangefinder patch. I didn’t enjoy it so it had to go.

iamware asked:
Hi I love your work. I was wondering why did you choose the 6D over the 5D mk3?

Smaller, better center AF point in low light, cheaper :)

Anonymous asked:
What would be a good place to store film? Is it necessary to store in fridge?

Yes. Store it in a fridge. Film is a living thing and changes with time and temperature. A fridge is like putting the brakes on the natural change that film goes through.

Anonymous asked:
Of the blogs you've been featured on (Style Me Pretty, Green Weddings Shoes, OnceWed, etc.) which did you find you got the most traction from/which would you recommend the most? - Sean Cook

I have no idea :)

I think it really is about your work being seen in a few places over a period of time, and then your name sinks in to the viewer.

I think everything can be published if you find the right blog/magazine. Repetition is the key.

Anonymous asked:
Is there a Fujifilm version of the presets you've made coming sometime?

Yes. This Fall/Winter.

Unless I hire some employees. Then maybe sooner.

legittoaster asked:
Do you have any plans to make an app for smartphones that emulates film?

Working on it!

Anonymous asked:
What lab do you send your film to?

I get my film developed at Panda Lab in Seattle, and scan at home on my Fuji Frontier SP3000.

Anonymous asked:
Hi Kirk, I love you head shot portraits. What lens do you use for those? I appreciate your time man, Thanks

90% of my head shot portraits are with a Contax 645 and 80mm f2 lens at f2, at or near the minimum focusing distance.

I alternate between Portra 400, Portra 160 and Fuji 400H for film.

Anonymous asked:
i purchased your mastin labs presets, Love them by the way. just had a computer go out on me and i am wondering how i can get the presets onto my new computer ?

Thanks for your support!

I can manually send you a new zip file. Just send me the email address you used to purchase your presets and I will hook you up :)

Email me at

marcos-sanchez asked:
Have you spray painted the insides of the Photodiox adapter with black mate paint? I read somewhere you can get reflections in some conditions. Ever experienced that?

Never had that problem. The inside of my adapter is already a matte black.

Anonymous asked:
How do I meter in camera for the contax 645?

You don’t. You use a hand held meter with aperture priority like the Sekonic L-358.

Trust me. Don’t use any internal meter. You will more than make up the rpice of the hand held meter in terms of film exposed properly.

Anonymous asked:
What is Maxwell Screen?

It is a specially made focusing screen that lets you focus much easier at very wide apertures (f1.4, f2.0 etc)

You can get one from Bill Maxwell here.

I consider a Maxwell Screen a must-have for the Contax 645.

Anonymous asked:
Hi Kirk! I can't afford to jump into medium format right now, but I love the look of film. Can I get a similar look shooting 35mm? If so, is the process of rating my film to overexpose the same on 35mm? Also, I'm debating between the Canon 1v and 1n. Can you offer an opinion here? Thank you!

I totally understand. Medium format is more expensive in every way.

To answer your questions:
1. No. Not exactly the same look. It is not possible. You will get a 35mm film look which I actually prefer because it has so much character, but no it will not look like medium format.

2. Yes. You rate/over/under expose your film the same no matter the format: 35mm, medium format, large format etc.

3. Never used the Canon 1V thought it was overpriced. I have shot with a Canon 1N and it works really really well. Super fast AF. Great price.

Have fun in your journey with film!

…and if you need some help check out this free guide to shooting both digital and film.

Anonymous asked:
Hi Kirk! I'm a huge fan of your personal work. Especially the part time in SF series. Can I ask what film/camera combo you used? Did you over/under expose your film? Thanks!

Thanks! You are referring to this?

I mostly used either a Fuji Klasse S or a Bessa R3a + 50mm f2 Zeiss lens.

60% was shot on Kodak Portra 160 shot at +1 stop/exposure on the Klasse S or at ISO100 manually on the Bessa R3a.

30% was shot on Kodak Gold 200 shot at +1 stop/exposure on the Klasse S or at ISO100 manually on the Bessa R3a.

10% 60% was shot on Kodak Portra 400 shot at +1 stop/exposure on the Klasse S or at ISO320 manually on the Bessa R3a.

Anonymous asked:
Hey Kirk! You are amazing FYI! I just recently did a shoot on my contax 645 and I mistakenly thought I put a roll of Fuji film so I exposed my film as though it was Fuji 400h but it was actually portra 400, so I set my ISO at 200 and retracted my meter and put it in a 45 degree angle. Any way I can save my film from being way too yellow? Do I need to tell my lab anything before I send the film? Or will scanning with frontier help? Thanks!

Thank you!

As for your film, you will be fine. If you use a good lab like The FIND Lab or Indie Film Lab they will most likely remove most of the yellow cast. If not you can remove it yourself in Photoshop with a curves adjustment. Just go into the blue channel and fiddle with that and you can remove the yellow cast easily.